Band Arranging & Composition


Dr. Ward Miller has over 15 years experience as a marching band arranger. His arrangements have been performed at competitions, including in Bands of America regionals, by high schools and colleges in Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Iowa, Minnesota, Mississippi, New York, Ohio, and Texas. His arrangements have been performed at regular season and bowl games by the marching bands at Auburn University, The University of Hawaii, The University of Iowa, The Ohio State University, and Youngstown State University. To set up a consultation to discuss your custom arrangement, please contact Dr. Miller today!

Customized to Your Ensemble’s Strengths

When you utilize Dr. Miller as your band’s arranger, you get a product that is customized to your ensemble’s instrumentation, size, ability level, and more. Your students’ range, endurance, and more are all carefully balanced in producing a show that will be a hit with performers and audiences alike.

Half-time Productions and Stand Tunes

Have a half-time concept you want to talk through and see made a reality. A consultation can be set up and your show ready in no time. Just have a fun, popular tune that you want to play in the stands at football and basketball games? Those tunes can be delivered to you in a matter of days.


For a small premium included in your arranging fees, Dr. Miller will complete the arranging permissions and licenses for your selected repertoire. You may instead choose to handle this at your time and convenience. However, all arrangements must me licensed by the intellectual property owners.

The Right Price

Custom arrangements are priced per minute of music at marked and specified tempos. Licensing fees are not included. Discounts may be available to help you fit this service into your band’s budget.

Fast Completion

Your arrangements will be delivered quickly so that you can read the music with your band as soon as possible. Rewrites are also given an expedited return for your convenience.

Dedication to Customer Service

In the middle of the season and need to rewrite an ending or substitute for another piece of music? Customers who use Dr. Miller’s custom arrangements receive deeply discounted prices on rewrites.

Electronic Delivery

All arrangements are delivered via e-mailed PDF and MP3 to ensure that they are readily available to you and your ensemble.