Music Technology Consultant


Dr. Miller has been working with technology in music education for 15 years. For nearly a decade, he was webmaster for the Auburn University Bands, one of the oldest collegiate band sites on the internet. He has given presentations at national conventions, such as the CBDNA Athletic Bands Symposium, on the integration of social media into music education programs. He has utilized SmartMusic in lessons and classes, and has developed innovative techniques for incorporating mobile technologies into student practice and preparation routines. He is an established authority in the use of Finale music notation software, and in the Pyware 3D drill application.

Social Media Integration and Automation

Dr. Miller can help you connect your students through post-once, set-it-and-forget-it systems that allow you to communicate instantaneously with large groups of students and parents.

Website Building

Whether you’re looking to improve your current website, or start one from scratch, Dr. Miller can help you from start to finish on your project.


Dr. Miller can help you set up the most powerful computerized practice assessment tool on the market: SmartMusic. Your students will reach a whole new level of performance with these online classes.

Finale Notation

Have an AP theory or other music class that you want to expose to music writing? Just want to brush up on your own skills? Dr. Miller can deliver intensive courses in developing a quick, in-depth, and powerful workflow in Finale notation software.

Pyware 3D

The most powerful and recognized leader in drill charting software, Pyware 3D can provide the ultimate clarity in envisioning and executing your halftime productions. Dr. Miller can help you develop your own skills with Pyware, or give group training sessions.


Prices are fair and negotiable to fit into your band’s budget. An honorarium and standard federal travel rates apply. To schedule Dr. Miller to start your project, please contact him.